What makes an Aircraft


White Horse Technical Services is the parent company

  • White Horse Technical Services performs R&D to refine and develop reference material mfg. processes
  • Produces new candidate materials for characterization as RM/CRMs for the aerospace industry
  • Provides LECO instrument repair services across the USA

White Horse Reference Materials is a subsidiary

  • White Horse Reference Materials is a Reference Material Producer of Titanium standards. They orchestrate the characterization and certification of candidate materials in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and ISO 17034
  • They distribute their products online and through distributors

  • Curtis Vancura

    The founder

    Curtis Vancura

    Curtis, with his wife Boonlai are grateful children of God, who love blessing the world around them as they develop their talents. The name White Horse was chosen because the proverbial savior of the day rides in on a white horse. They are devoted servants helping each other, their friends, and customers as needs arise. Boonlai is a superb Thai cook, and Curtis helps people check gasses in metals.

  • First interest

    At 5 years old, first demonstrated his technical interest by taking his toys apart as soon as he got them, to see what made them work (his parents were NOT happy). Soon he was known for being able to fix things.

  • First Job

    At 12 years old, he was such a popular guest at the local TV repair shop, they offered him his first job fixing TVs on Saturdays to help support his electronics hobby.

  • 1973

    Wanting an accelerated path for his science education, he began skipping 'the boring classes' at school and dove head-long into studying all things technical at the university library. He dropped out of school, and later took the GED test, scoring in the 97th percentile.

  • 1974


    Curtis worked as an avionics service engineer and took responsibility for projects that developed his engineering skills for electronic design, packaging and production.

  • 1979


    Curtis designed test equipment for the Galileo space probe.

  • LECO instrument repair


    White Horse Technical Services

    Curtis answered a call to provide maintenance and repairs on LECO interstitial gas analyzers, and was well-received as he opened White Horse Technical Services (WHTS).

  • NIST


    R&D -NIST Reference Materials

    By request, Curtis refined [in accordance with ISO Reference Material Provider Guide 34 (now ISO 17034)] a process NIST used to create titanium reference materials for hydrogen content . The refinements he developed enabled him to introduce onto the marketplace the highest grade of hydrogen-in-titanium Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) ever made.

  • 2012

    ASTM Membership

    Curtis accepted an invitation to become an active member of ASTM's committee E01 on Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores, and Related Materials. He actively assists the comittee to prepare, evaluate, and issue test methods, practices, guides, and terminology for chemical analysis of metals, and other practices including interlaboratory testing and statistical evaluation (E11) on Quality and Statistics.

  • NIST


    NIST Reference material Provider

    NIST chose White Horse Reference Materials' superior quality materials for their titanium Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) for world-wide distribution. White horse Reference Materials was born a Reference Material Producer.

  • 2015

    NIST SRM 2453a is released, Certified using PGAA, an enhanced version of ASTM E1447 Standard Test method for the Determination of Hydrogen in titanium, and calibrated Gas Dose SI unit comparison.

    NIST Brought their first high precision hydrogen-in-titanium pin SRM to the market to replace the chip SRM material they offered previously (NIST SRM2453a, @ 126.8 +/- 2.5 mg/kg), made by WHRM.

  • 2017

    WHTS produces two more lots of Hydrogen in titanium pin standards

    WHTS has delivered three commonly requested values:

    WHRM-TJa @ H:127 +/- 3 mg/kg

    WHRM-THa @ H:~87.5 +/- 2.2 mg/kg

    WHRM-TMa @ H:~215 +/- 2.0 mg/kg

  • White Horse Reference Materials Hydrogen in titanium Certified Reference Material Standards


    WHRM releases three lots of Hydrogen in titanium Certified Reference Material Standards for sale

    WHTS has delivered three commonly requested values:

    WHRM-TBa @ 2 +/- 0.5 mg/kg -available now!

    WHRM-TJa @ 127 +/- 3 mg/kg -available now!

    WHRM-THa @ ~87.5 +/- 2.2 mg/kg -available July 2018

    WHRM-TMa @ ~215 +/- 2.0 mg/kg -avalilable October 2018

  • What do you need?

    Let us know

    Ultra-low Hydrogen (<2mg/kg)?

    High Nitrogen (>6000mg/kg)?

    With our titanium dosing abilities, we strive to provide the H, N, O and C values that YOU need.

    Contact us to let us know what you need.

Company Goals

  • Our goal over the next 10 years is to make sure that our premium grade of titanium reference materials take their rightful place in the Inert Gas Fusion Interstitial Gas Analysis market.  
  • To complete our pending accreditation for ISO 9001:2015 "Quality management systems", ISO/IEC 17025:2017 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" and ISO 17034:2016 "General requirements for the competence of reference material producers".
  • We are constantly working to improve our quality methods and procedures.
  • WHTS Research and Development is refining their technology to target and produce analyte values to meet all the market's needs. WHRM invites laboratories to complete a survey to let them know what values are needed/desired for hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Certified Reference Materials.
  • To produce and stock a full complement of titanium Certified Reference Materials with the processing capacity to meet all the world's highest market demand at reasonable prices.
  • To develop pipelines to bring their products to the world marketplace.